7 Ways Miley Cyrus’ Song Flowers Is Relatable For An Empowering Solo Valentine Moment


Calling it: 2023 is the year for empowering anthems, and Miley Cyrus is QUEEN of the ‘I don’t need a man energy’ following the release of her chart-topping single, Flowers.

With 174 mill views on YouTube alone in just 3 weeks, it’s not just the tune that the internet is fawning over, Miley is spilling tea over her relationship with Liam Hemsworth and the internet is HERE.FOR.IT.

The song is reportedly about her marriage break up with the Aussie actor which ended in 2019 after one year. The song was released on the eve of Liam’s birthday, and the internet is in overdrive over the hidden messaging.

A classic breakup tale: This is relatable for anyone who’s been through a breakup in Dubai… and come out the other side better for it

7. In the beginning, you thought your relationship was invincible


6. But somehow, it all went south


5. But at one pivotal moment, you have a breakthrough strength moment

BLAST this tune if you’re still waiting for that breakthrough moment huns

4. You soon realise your internal conversations are 10X more impactful


3. You can buy YOURSELF flowers

& write your name in the sand… You know the drill!

2. You can take yourself dancing (ehem, ladiessss night!)

1. And ultimately, you realize that you can love yourself better than anyone else can

Thank you Miley for the ultimate anti-#valentinesanthem


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