MS Talks 2.0: A 10-Episode Series To Help You Understand Multiple Sclerosis Is Coming Soon


MS Talks 2.0 is a collaboration between Lovin Dubai and Novartis. The series of 10 episodes brings together experts and members of the community to bring awareness and provide clarity on the disease.

Multiple sclerosis (MS) is a chronic disease affecting the central nervous system (the brain and spinal cord). Signs and symptoms vary widely between patients and while there’s no cure for MS, MS Talks 2.0 will attempt to give you a greater understanding of the disease by answering common questions and by debunking myths. The show, which will go live in both video and podcast format, will also act as a support for patients with MS, with episodes that offer advice on how patients can break the news to their families, how to find acceptance, treatment, and alternative therapies, and tips about how support networks can help patients throughout their journey.

If you have MS, if you know someone who has been diagnosed, or if you would like a better understanding, MS Talks 2.0 will be released 30 January. 

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MS Talks 2.0 episode guide

  1. A Story To Inspire: Breaking the MS News
  2. What MS Is Not
  3. An emotional rollercoaster: How to divert from the road?
  4. Motherhood and MS
  5. Supportive Therapies in MS
  6. Chasing A Cure: Natural Remedies
  7. Chasing A Cure: Stem Cells
  8. Listen to your gut 
  9. A Network of Support 
  10. Finding Acceptance

MS Talks 2.0 will be shared on the Lovin Dubai Show and you’ll also find it wherever you listen to your podcasts

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