There Will No Longer Be COVID-19 Separators In Taxis Or Careems


Taxi and Careem rides will no longer need to have the car separator from now onwards. According to the Road Transport Authority (RTA), the captains of the taxi or Careem will still be wearing safety gloves and masks and will practice social distance and follow hygiene precautions at all times.

According to ARN, “The RTA confirmed that this will not apply to Dubai taxis at airports. Isolation barriers will remain installed to ensure that the highest level of safety for both passengers and drivers is maintained.” They clarified that the move comes after the authority received recent directives from the Dubai Supreme Committee for Crisis and Disaster Management, which are based on international best practices.

Everyone who will be travelling in a taxi is also being reminded to avoid exceeding the two-passenger limit per taxi vehicle, as the rule still applies. Meanwhile, a maximum of three passengers can be allowed when booking the ‘MAX’ ride option available on the Careem app.

Note: The above apply’s for Dubai Taxi’s and Careem’s only.

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