Dubai Police Gave One Republic A Supercar Escort Down Sheikh Zayed Road


The American pop-rock band was spotted in Dubai and performed at this year’s Dubai Air Show annual gala dinner at Coca-cola arena last night.

Apart from their, absolutely brilliant performance they were also livin’ it up, Dubai style! 

They were escorted to the Coca-cola arena in the Dubai Police supercars

If you live in Dubai, then you’re aware of the cool cars that the Dubai Police is known for.

Well, they just sent a few of their supercars to the escort the pop band to the venue of their performance, nothing beats this! 

Dubai Police fleet is one of the most expensive ones in the world, and this was a fantastic gesture for the band.

Dubai has the coolest Police force everrrrrr.

Get safely escorted to the venue by the most awesome car fleet in the world – CHECK.

You can’t be in Dubai and miss out on Go Karting now can you

That’s right when in Dubai, be sure to experience it all. The band spent their day having fun at Go Karts.

Bet you’re low key wishing that you were tight with the band, because same.

Ryan Tedder also shared his love for ‘desi’ food by sharing a photo of him pointing at Ravi Resto

If you’re a Dubai resident, then you’re well aware of the fact that Ravi is one of the most popular Pakistani restaurants in town.

The food is absolutely delish and is super budget friendly.

The singer shared his love for the place by adding the caption, ‘Anyone ever traveling to Dubai- worth the drive to old town- we always hit Ravi. It’s a 10. Get it. Food is good when u eat it.’ 

So it’s quite obvious that the man’s got great taste.


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