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WIN! AED500 To Spend At This Popular Online Drink Store

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Helllloooo winning at life!

The fine people at Centaurus are running a competition of AED500 vouchers for 2 lucky winners every week to spend in their online shop. BOOM!

In case you’ve been living under a rock, Centaurus, a liquor store in the UAE, has been in the business of providing an incredible range of alcoholic drinks from all over the world to the UAE for YEARS. You can buy international brands from the online Liquor store right here in the UAE (they even have an app! App Store, Play Store) and now Centaurus is running a competition to win AED500. Epic!

Scroll down to see WHY you should be shopping at Centaurus and WHY they could help you have the BEST long weekend.

Enter the AED500 comp right here, right now!

*Note: You will be redirected to an online liquor store.

Get BRILL value from the online store

Vino, hops, spirits, bubbles, the gang’s ALL HERE.

The website is divided into heaps of sections, so although the variety is HUGE, finding what you want is simple… how thoughtful is that?! Plus, do not even think of shopping online if you’re not going to check out the OFFERS.

Making your purchase is simple, and there’s even a live chat to help you in case you have any questions. Welcome to easy street!

Popping bottles ‘erry day thanks to Centaurus!


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Centaurus is HERE to plan your long weekend with a dream-worthy yacht party

Did someone say yacht party?!

Not ONLY do Centaurus cover you for drinks, but they are the best for yacht charters in Dubai. So if you’re planning a partyyyyyy, a sunset cruise, a fishing trip or a special occasion, these are the guys to go to if you’re looking for deals!

Running from Dubai Marina, get more info from Centaurus Charter here


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