Influencer Jackie Aina Has Created A Lot Of Buzz About A UAE-Born Perfume Brand

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A UAE-Born Perfume Brand Is Being Talked About In A Twitter Thread By Influencer Jackie Aina

It all started with a Twitter question for beauty content creator Jackie Aina, where she asked her followers to respond with their preferred perfume so she’d give them a ‘personality type.’

Naturally, swarms of fragrance lovers responded with their scent of choice, but Dubai peeps couldn’t help but notice the international love that a UAE-born perfume brand, Swiss Arabian, received.


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“Tell me your favourite perfume and I’ll give you a personality type”

The post put up by beauty influencer Jackie Aina, who boasts a 711,900+ following on Twitter received thousands of comments- with many referring to a hidden gem: oud scent called Shaghaf Oud was mentioned as one of the best. 

Shaghaf Oud by Swiss Arabian currently retails around AED105, making it one of few oud scents that are both amazing and affordable.

This, of course, may sound like an advertisement but many travelers can’t resist ordering this whenever they hit up the city. 

Among the headlining scents like Dior, Gucci Bloom, Valentino – a UAE brand stood out

Swiss Arabian popping up in the long list of luxury and other elite fragrances is a big up to the UAE, as the country is known for having the best-smelling people and a range of awesome local brands.

It’s also worth noting that the brand that started in 1974, was the first perfume house in the UAE.

Jackie responded to the person who put in the perfume as their favorite and said:

“If you’ve never visited Dubai, please do ASAP. Bring an extra empty suitcase for shopping.”

She couldn’t be anymore correct.

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