Play Netflix’s Squid Game And More In ‘The World’s Smartest Rooms’ At Magic Planet

Everything in our life has become ‘smart’, from laptops and phones to basic kitchen appliances. And while games have also massively seen the advancement of technology, you have not seen what Immersive Gamebox can do!

The region’s first hyper-immersive gaming experience has landed in the UAE at Magic Planet

Immersive Gamebox takes smart technology to a whole other level. Known as the World’s Smartest Rooms, Gameboxes are interactive digitalised rooms with touch screens, 3D motion tracking and advanced sound technology, making for the perfect game room.

Each Gamebox caters to groups of 2 to 6 players, so it’s the perfect interactive game for couples and groups of buds or the whole fam.


Players can experience Netflix’s ‘Squid Game,’ Angry Birds, and Shaun the Sheep: Championsheeps to name a few

IGB has an abundant library of 60-minute games available at Magic Planet City Centre Mirdif and Magic Planet City Centre Al Zahia, including Squid Game, Alien Aptitude Test, Ticket to Mars, Psychedelic Mansion and James Bunny: Casino Tropicale.

For the 15-30 minute games, there are a couple to choose from like Temple of Coins, Angry Birds, Block Smash Mania, Trivia Mash-up, Temple of Coins Junior, Tip Tap Memory Challenge and Shaun the Sheep: Championsheeps.

It’s all about the deets

Immersive Gamebox is currently available at Magic Planet!

All titles are available at Magic Planet City Centre Mirdif (South Entrance) and Magic Planet City Centre Al Zahia (Yalla! Bowling).

Prices: (per person)


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