Someone Went Around Rating Hand Sanitisers Around Dubai And The Results Are In


You may forget your phone when you step out of the house, but it’s tough to forget hand sanitiser these days. And while it’s important to keep one handy at all times, most places in Dubai keep their sanitiser bottles ready for visitors, guests, etc as part of safety regulations in the country.

Wherever you head over to, you’re likely to find a bottle in multiple places.

But someone just took it upon herself to go to these places and rate the sanitisers on her day out

She rated them out of 10 based on texture, quantity, bottle designs, and more. So, the next time you’re out you will know better.

As per the safety guidelines given by the authorities, there should be relatively strong hand sanitisers (with over 60% ethyl alcohol content) placed in different spots of restaurants, malls, etc.

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