UAE Volunteers Are Stepping Up And Sharing Their Journey From The COVID Vaccine Trials


If you ask anyone in 2020 what they want the most, the answer is probably going to be ‘a cure for this pandemic’. Health authorities around the world are trying their best to hold as many trials with volunteers as possible to come up with a vaccine or cure ASAP.

Even in the middle of a pandemic as tough as the Coronavirus, volunteers in the UAE have proved to be super helpful by showing up for these trials whenever possible.

Some are even sharing their journeys online to encourage others to step up and do the same

Some passionate healthcare volunteers are also sharing advice that might come in handy for people who are looking for more info

It’s a tough time for everyone and everyone should try their best to help out.  everyone’s faith in humanity, UAE’s volunteers joined the cause very early on this year.

Ever since March, volunteers as young as 17 and the DHA came together to fight this pandemic in the best way possible.

These volunteers created isolation centers, test centers and put in a bunch of incredible humanitarian efforts that were needed at the time

By September, the vaccine trials led to 125 nationalities coming together to create a force of 31,000 volunteers that were helping with the problem at hand. Volunteer sign-ups happened on the 4humanity website to be part of the program.

Details of the volunteering program and the stages the trials will follow were released when the UAE approved an emergency vaccine for all its frontline workers.

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