OPINION: It’s Heartbreaking But This Tweet Is Proof That Rejection Emails Are A Relief For Job Seekers

Anika Eliz Baby

So you’ve been applying to jobs left right and centre. It’s a process that can be quite draining…

On top of all these constant applications, it’s a sinking feeling when you apply for jobs and don’t even hear back!

A job seeker took to Twitter to share her relief on getting a rejection email from a company in Dubai, emphasising how a rejection email was much better than ghosting

Although it may initially seem heartbreaking, receiving a rejection email at least lets you know that this is not an opportunity you need to pursue any further- a sign that this company is just not meant for you.


And if a company goes the extra mile to personalise the email? That’s even better!

It’s a fair trade if you think about it, especially if the interviewee clearly demonstrates their eagerness for the position during the interview.

Prospective job seekers spend a good couple of hours preparing for the interview through research and CV modifications, not to mention how landing a job in Dubai is a dream come true for so many. Giving them constructive criticism is going to ensure you have a new admirer for sure!

According to LinkedIn, candidates are 4x more likely to consider a company for a future job opportunity when they offer constructive feedback – even if this feedback comes in the form of a rejection letter. The same report also states that 94% of talent want to receive interview feedback.

Candidates deserve dignity in rejection- it is important to have closure

Sending rejection emails is basically a long-term investment for companies

Rejection emails are an indicator of a company’s standards of professionalism through and through. Although time-consuming, it maintains a pool of candidates for future opportunities and speeds up the hiring process next time.

It also helps maintain good relations with the candidates you reject because there is no permanent bad taste…

AKA you continue to maintain your customer base!

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