RTA Employee Injured In Prague Mass Shooting


A shooting in Prague leaving two Emiratis injured and 14 dead

A Czech student, aged 24, shot his father before carrying out a mass shooting at his Prague university, resulting in the deaths of 14 individuals and injuries to 25 others last week. The incident stands as the deadliest mass shooting in the country’s history, with the shooter potentially taking his own life afterward.


UAE urged all citizens to take extra caution

An Emirati couple is among the injured in the Czech Republic’s shooting, prompting the ministry to advise UAE citizens in Prague to exercise caution and avoid the incident location.

Radwa Al Mahrezi, RTA’s director of marketing and corporate communications, sustained a gunshot wound near her heart.

Meanwhile, Ahmed Ibrahim Obaid Ali Al Ali had two surgeries to extract bullets from his shoulder and collarbone. 

UAE pays a visit to injured Emirati colleagues in Prague

A Roads and Transport Authority delegation visited Mrs. Rawda, currently in a Czech hospital, checking on her and her husband’s health, as well as the well-being of their daughters, Maryam and Latifa.

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