Dubai Streets Came Alive To Celebrate Saudi National Day

Saudi National Day

Fireworks, honking, and Saudi flags taking over Jumeirah Road can only mean one thing… It’s Saudi National Day and everyone’s coming together to celebrate our neighbours.

Last night in Dubai was an absolute blast as people hit the streets to celebrate Saudi National Day. It’s a big deal for our Saudi friends, marking the founding of The Kingdom back in 1932 by King Abdulaziz Al Saud. In Dubai, a place known for its diverse and inclusive vibe, the Saudi National Day street celebrations were something else!

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Cars honked, vehicles were all decked out with Saudi flags and cool traditional decorations. People were out and about, adding to the buzz, showing the close bond and respect between the UAE and Saudi.

It’s incredible to see this spirit of friendship alive in Dubai!

This is beautiful

People across the country decked out their cars and waved flags to celebrate

And in Saudi even Neymar was taking part!

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