Dubai’s Success Coach Seif Al Hakim On Being “An Alpha” In Business

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Seif Al Hakim

Dubai’s Success Coach Seif Al Hakim On Being An Alpha Male In Business

On this week’s episode of the Smashi Business Show, they interviewed Seif El Hakim. He is an Internationally Acclaimed Businessman, entrepreneur, investor, business strategist & advisor, success coach and a highly decorated Global CEO with 15+ years of international experience in Turkey, UAE, CIS Region, UK, South Korea, Egypt. In the interview, Smashi delves into his Web Summit Qatar takeaways, his reputation as Dubai’s own Andrew Tate, and Saudi’s Princess Lamia.

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The successful entrepreneur has built a following of over 2.2 million on social media

Along with a growing business empire, El Hakim has built an online presence as a social-media-savvy entrepreneur people look to for inspirational business advice.


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You can learn more about El Hakim’s strong growth mindset here or check out the Smashi podcast for the full interview

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