The EXPO 2020 Feeling Will Be Recreated For Eternity Thanks To This New Project

Anika Eliz Baby

EXPO 2020…the name rings some very nostalgic bells. It was a season of hope after a long period of “new normals.”

And now, Expo City Dubai has embodied the same spirit with this new project at the Expo Valley…

Shamsa 1 is part of Expo Valley, a gated community where modern living blends harmoniously with nature…

Their launch event at the Dubai Exhibition Centre shows you exactly what it’s all about! If living sustainably, in harmony with nature, and amidst lush greenery has always been your dream…it’s possible right here in the Dubai desert. (Yup, that’s a flex!)

The Shamsa Townhouse launch ended with one attendee taking home a Tesla!

It was a buzzing hub for real estate agents from all the top firms who had no doubt about the success of the Shamsa Townhouses and the Expo Valley in general.

As the night came to a close with the sensational melody of the all-women team at Firdaus Orchestra, one winner even took home a Tesla from their grand raffle draw prize!

It was evidently a small glimpse into the kind of serenity and prosperity one can expect to find at the Shamsa townhouses too.

This project at the Expo City allows you to enjoy all the peace and calm of nature while also being near the city and all its luxury.

Starting at AED 3.4 million, every area at the Shamsa Townhouse community has its own unique walkway and all the luxury amenities you can think of- gym, theatre, spa, pools, and so much more.

We are, and we will continue to deliver on the same promises of the EXPO 2020

Ahmed Al Khatib, Chief Development and Delivery Officer, Expo City Dubai, said while providing an overview of the project’s vision and the Expo City’s evolution into a master developer.


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