A Sleep Index Just Ranked 75 Global Cities And Dubai’s Sleep Pattern Stats Are Fascinating


Who doesn’t love sleep? That said, Coronavirus‘ entrance in our lives has definitely caused a little bit of disturbance in that zone.

To help the world understand their shuteye time a bit better, VAAY (@myvaay) has released its sleep index where it has ranked 75 global cities including Dubai.

The survey didn’t just measure the number of minutes of peaceful sleep each of these cities was getting.

It also other important factors like their mental/physical well-being, data about money troubles, how overworked people might be, and more

Dubai shined through the sleep index’s mental well-being category by being in the top 10 worldwide

Although Dubai’s overall ranking was 68, the overall results reflected some interesting stats related to employment and finances.

The city scored a massive 98.1 in that sector giving it a ranking of #9 amongst others

Overall, Amsterdam performed extremely well. It aced the sleep index with a total score of 100 and high scores across all categories

Amsterdam was followed (not very closely) by Auckland and Glasgow who had total scores of 96.2 and 88.6.

On the other hand, Brazil’s Sao Paulo had the lowest total score of 1 and was ranked last. Tokyo was a tad ahead with a total score of 2.3, followed by USA’s Las Vegas and LA.

It’s super important to get the sleep for a bunch of reasons in general and it just got a lot more important this year (thanks, no thanks pandemic). Thankfully, Dubai helps in so many ways!

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