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This Smoked Kitchen Is Serving Up Some Of The Best Brisket In Town

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Lovers of brisket, lovers of ribs, you’ve landed on the right page!

You know that moment when the waiter comes back to ask how the food is and your mouth is full, you can’t even answer? Well, rest assured you won’t even get the chance to finish your plate before the waiter comes back, it’s THAT good.

Smoked Meat Kitchen, or better known by their street name SMK, will serve you exactly that! They’re masters of deliciously slow-cooked, oak-smoked briskets and ribs!

And SMK City Walk is open and ready to take your order

PSA: They also do catering, perfect for a long lazy lunch at home, or an office treat!

Don’t even mention roasting, broiling, grilling or searing, because at SMK they smoke it!

Whether you’re going traditional with a burger or going BIG with ribs, you’ll be craving it even when it’s over. Why, you ask? Because they put a lot of spices, sauces, and love into their cooking process. Slowly smoking the meats over English oak is what brings out the flavours, keeps it succulent, and make it stand out from other steak-house dishes. Melt-in-your-mouth smoked brisket buns, bangers and mash, and the rib cubano is out of this world.

They’ll even do the smoking right at your table

BRB, need to go wipe the DROOL at the thoughts of this burger!

Stay tuned for more Smoked news coming your way, very soon!

Follow SMK to City Walk for succulent meats

Google Map their brand new location here!

Or find them on TikTok right here!

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SMK Dubai

SMK currently has two branches in Dubai including Marina Walk and City Walk 2. SMK serves slow-cooked, oak-smoked meats, from ribs to brisket, using the very best halal USDA certified beef in the market.The cooking process is done by smoking, rather than direct grilling, which allows the meat to become tender and succulent.

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