The UAE Has Sent 30 Tonnes Of Emergency Medical And Relief Aid To Ukraine

Farah Makhlouf
Aid Ukraine

Given the circumstances of Ukraine, the UAE is lending a helping hand once again! The country sent an aircraft carrying 30 metric tonnes of emergency health aid and medical supplies, as part of its emergency relief efforts to assist the needy civilians in Ukraine.

This cane in response to the international humanitarian appeal to support those who have been affected by the recent attacks in Ukraine that left more than 1.2 million as refugees.

The aircraft carrying 30 tonnes of aid landed in Poland and has been handed to the Ukrainians in need

The aircraft landed in Lublin, Poland, and the medical and relief aid were handed over to the Ukrainian authorities in Poland to be transported to Ukraine.

Sending an aircraft with medical supplies and relief aid is part of the UAE’s steadfast commitment to essential humanitarian needs in conflicts involving civilians, especially women and children, and to provide whatever assistance we can in what is a deteriorating humanitarian situation.

Salem A. Al-Kaabi, the UAE‘s Ambassador to Ukraine, said.

The UAE had also sent contributions of AED18.36 million (US$5 million) to Ukraine, in response to the UN’s emergency appeal and the Regional Response Plan for Ukrainian refugees

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