There Will Be New Markets In Dubai Where Workers Can Shop For Affordable Products

There Will Be New Markets In Dubai Where Workers Can Shop For Affordable Products

Dubai always strives to provide the best for its residents! These markets are tailored for labourers, ensuring affordable prices for products that meet Dubai Municipality’s highest standards for health, safety, and food safety.

Dubai Municipality initiated an extensive development project for labourer markets in the city’s labour zones

According to WAM, The plan includes creating a new market spanning 16,227 square meters in Al Quoz 3’s industrial area, another covering 9,292 square meters in Muhaisanah 2, and revitalizing the community labourers market in Al Quoz 4, which spreads across 14,231 square meters.

This initiative aligns with Dubai Municipality’s commitment to bolster social responsibility for labourers, improving their quality of life by offering comprehensive services and essential amenities in one place while maintaining the highest standards for quality of life and stability.

The plan to establish community labour markets promises a multitude of benefits…

This includes designated spaces for ready-to-eat food, fruit and vegetable shops, meat and fish stalls, consumer goods shops, clothing stores, as well as barbershops, sewing centers, and ticket counters.

Moreover, the Municipality will oversee the organization of recreational, social, and sporting events in these markets, transforming them into sought-after leisure destinations for laborers, thanks to their partnership with Dubai Police, a key strategic ally in this venture.

The development of these community laborer markets will also foster community involvement within local companies and institutions, both in the public and private sectors. This will be achieved through strong collaborations with these entities to provide recreational, sports, health, and community activities for laborers within the market spaces, free of charge.

Unlike informal markets, these markets will prioritise consumer and public health

Dr. Naseem Rafie, Director of the Health and Safety Department at Dubai Municipality, said,

Dubai Municipality has created a comprehensive plan for the advancement of labour community markets in the industrial zones and labor housing areas. It also seeks to develop a space in line with the criteria of sustainable urban planning to support Dubai’s vision to become the best city to live and work in the world by adhering to the highest standards of quality of life and well-being. In addition, the plan aims to reinforce social responsibility towards labourers by developing a safe and unique shopping experience for labourers living in those areas and meeting their necessities in accordance with top-notch public health, occupational, and proactive prevention standards.

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