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This Taxi Driver Went To Great Lengths To Return A Forgotten Wallet To Its Owner

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You know that feeling when your heart drops to your feet because you realize you forgot your wallet or phone somewhere. It’s like anxiety on steroids. Suddenly your heart beats fast, your hands get sweaty, your knees are weak and your arms are heavy. JK but seriously it’s a little traumatic!

Luckily, we live in Dubai, one of the safest cities in the world and the people are noble and honest. It’s unlikely you’ll have your items stolen.

A Dubai resident forgot his wallet in an RTA taxi but the driver Omar went to great lengths to return it


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A post shared by Diego Almeida (@diegodasneves)

After taking a taxi home, Diego realized he misplaced his wallet in the taxi. He waited until the next morning to call RTA. Unfortunately, he wasn’t getting much luck locating the exact taxi that dropped him off. He went to his building’s lobby to ask security if maybe the taxi might’ve dropped it off… (foreshadowing)

The taxi driver actually left his number so Diego could get in contact! Low and behold, the driver, Omar, returned the wallet!

He told the story on his social along with “for more Omars in the world.” We agree to – there should be more people like Omar in this world.

Omar then told him to check the wallet to make sure nothing was missing, saying “What’s yours is yours.”

“Thank You, Omar, and thank you Dubai to welcome amazing people to live here.”

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