This Tech Giant Curated Gadgets For The WHOLE Gaming Community

This Tech Giant Curated Gadgets For The WHOLE Gaming Community

Gaming brings people together – it’s a space for all. But if you’ve ever been to gaming stores, you might notice the dark colours and ragged designs, not to mention how big and bulky the gadgets might be.

Logitech G didn’t fall into that trap when they thought of the gamers’ community. They paid attention to women as well by bringing on a team of innovation, design, engineering and marketing leaders and BAM, they created something that all gamers can use to express their creativity and expression.

Enter: the new age of play with the Aurora Collection by Logitech G. They’re soft, pastels and white in colour, and overall very aesthetically pleasing.

The Aurora Collection has just been launched in the Gulf region and it’s created for all gamers

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The collection features the G735 Wireless Gaming Headset, G715 Wireless Gaming Keyboard, G713 Gaming Keyboard, G705 Wireless Gaming Mouse. The designs are flawless, playful, and appealing to all gamers.

Okay, so they look almost heavenly but is it top-grade technology? Short answer: 1000x YES

Gamers aren’t just looking for that distinctive aesthetic, they’re looking for that reputable Logitech G’s advanced gaming-grade technology which the collection adopted. It’s all curated with lightspeed high-performance wireless technology and Blue VO!CE microphone technology. 

Going into the nitty gritty of the Aurora Collection, you will be impressed

The G735 Wireless Gaming Headset:

This powerhouse features ethereal RGB lighting, and on-ear dual-audio mixing, with the capability of modulating a player’s voice. It’s got a 56+ hours battery life and that award-winning lightspeed wireless technology and Bluetooth.

The G715 and G713 Mechanical Gaming Keyboards:

Both the wireless and non-wireless gaming keyboards deliver low-key vibes with high-key performance. They’re compact, has a tenkeyless layout, and adjustable height. You can pack it up and take it anywhere with a rechargeable battery that will have you gaming 25 hours non-stop and obviously lightspeed wireless or Bluetooth connectivity. And for your relaxation, both come with a Cloud-Soft palm rest!

The G705 Wireless Gaming Mouse:

It’s purposely built for smaller hands with a compact contoured fit and advanced gaming technology so women can join the party. At 85 grams, it’s designed for long-lasting, lightweight comfort and performance. Players will admire the efforts of the G705 because of its grade sensor, ultra-responsive lightspeed wireless, Bluetooth connectivity, and an easy-reach DPI-cycling button.

The deets

The entire Aurora collection is certified carbon neutral and includes post-consumer recycled content, and the paper packaging comes from FSCTM-certified forests.

For more information on their sustainability efforts, please visit their website.

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