UAE Airlines Are Warning Travellers About Potential UK Delays


If you’ve got a flight booked from/to the UK, then read carefully! UAE airlines are cautioning travellers about possible delays, due to air traffic control limitations. Passengers are advised to stay informed about the situation and plan accordingly.

Etihad Airways and Emirates Airline are informing passengers flying on UK routes to expect delays

Flights using UK airspace were delayed or cancelled for several hours due to what Britain’s National Air Traffic Service (Nats) stated was a technical issue.

Reports said passengers on airlines outside the UK were told that the air traffic control network is down, and their flights will be delayed. In addition, this issue forced the cancellation of more than 1,200 flights globally.

In light of the issue, both airlines, Etihad and Emirates, issued a statement regarding the issue

Emirates said,

Emirates has been advised that a widespread systems failure within UK Air Traffic Control on August 28 has been rectified. All flights currently en route to the United Kingdom will be allowed to land, but flights departing the UK may experience delays. Emirates continues to monitor the situation, and apologises to its customers for the inconvenience.

Similarly, Etihad stated,

Etihad Airways is advising passengers travelling to and from London and Manchester that there may be flight delays due to the ongoing Flight Data Processing System failure affecting all airlines operating in the UK. All flights are currently planned to operate as scheduled, however, we are working closely with airport authorities and will inform guests immediately if there is any change.

Passengers to/from the UK, stay updated!

Passengers who have made bookings to/from their UK flights should verify that their contact information is current by accessing the official website of the airlines. This step will enable the airline to provide the most recent updates regarding their flights.

So far, many UK flights were cancelled by air traffic control IT failure

In the midst of a staggering 80% increase in flight delays originating from the UK, this video shows British tourists at Mallocra Airport in Spain. These passengers opted to sleep on the floor for hours due to the waiting game.


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