Residents Can Now Apply For Gold Visas Online In The UAE


The introduction of the ‘Gold Visa’ or long-terms visas came earlier this year.

The coveted visas granted long-term residence to those who have had a major contribution to society here in the UAE. The Visa holders were cherry-picked and are pretty much the who’s who of notable members of society.

But yesterday, more info dropped.

An online portal allowing residents to apply for a new type of Gold Visa was launched. Aimed at attracting innovators, the ‘Business Visa’ is open to investors, entrepreneurs, professional talents and more, and now there’s an online portal to apply.

‘A Golden Visa is waiting for you’

The site encourages innovators to make a future home in the UAE

With the aim of attracting the best and the brightest, there’s also a ‘Business Visa’ which is ‘part of the Golden Visa system for permanent residents and foreigners to establish a home in the United Arab Emirates. The Business Visa allows entrepreneurs the freedom to explore and experiment in the UAE, while securing a future for themselves and their families.’

Tempted? Erm, obvs! All information about the UAE Golden Visa here.

Golden Visa admin dealing with applicants



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