WATCH: One Of Dubai’s Female Entrepreneur’s Success Story That Will Inspire You


This week’s guest on the LOVIN Show is a woman who has successfully made her way through the media industry by working as a TV presenter and is now a luxury brand ambassador.

Lara Tabet is a go getter who has established herself through hard work and devotion.

She is not only a luxury brand ambassador but also Middle East luxury business developer, official spokeswoman for Arab Fashion Council, philanthropist and a YouTuber.

Let’s not forget that she was also awarded Global Influencer of the Year.

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If anything, she seems like an all rounder who lives life to the fullest.

This week’s episode is all about her journey and work ethics that has gotten her to this point in life, such an inspiration.

So check out the episode below

One of the fun perks of her job, working with fabulous couture designers

And the talented people she gets to interview


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