Waterfront Market Has ALL Your Freshest Ingredients Under One Roof

waterfront market

If we had to describe Waterfront Market with only 2 words, we’d choose freshest and ingredients. Waterfront Market is your one-stop-shop for all your home goodies.

We’re talking fresh produce, fish, meats, fruits and veggies and dry goods, all under one roof.

This is the PERFECT place to save some coin while shopping for the highest quality produce. And side-note; they’re committed to operating with strict hygiene practices!

Waterfront Market is not just a shopping destination but also a hub for amazing activities – something is basically ALWAYS happening

Waterfront Market has it ALL – your essentials and things you didn’t know you wanted

If your grocery list is just missing some items, Lulu Hypermarket is on-site and right next door. Fill up your cart with all your kitchen desires in one fell swoop!

Craving a bite of the freshest seafood? There’s nothing fresher than purchasing your goods right from the market, getting it cleaned and cooked to perfection, and having it served to your table in one of their restaurants. – Bliss!

Every Friday, between 12pm and 3pm, Chef Cristos is available to answer all your shopping questions! Ask him anything from what products are in season, what’s best to buy for a family festive dinner, how best to prepare that perfect steak, or even help you choose from the vast selection of fish and seafood on offer.

You’ll also definitely find some hidden gems at Waterfront Market’s 50 shops in the Bazaar area. That’s right, 50 stores! There are also kiosks but we lost count of how much exactly. Whatever it is, you’ll find it here.

Waterfront Market is as committed to saving you some bucks as it is with providing fresh food

You can get mega deals from Waterfront Market but we didn’t tell you on what. Everything from fruits and veg to fish and meats to dry goods and spices are located at separate markets but under the same roof. You’ll be saving some bucks without skimping on the quality or selection of your produce. You can even barter with the fishmongers and fruit stallholders and grab yourself a real bargain. Convenient.com!

Waterfront Market is conveniently open 24 hours!

The Waterfront Market is open 24 hours and operates throughout the week, whilst Lulu’s Hypermarket is open from 8am to midnight. So whatever it is you need, at whatever time, Waterfront Market has got you covered!

Waterfront Market is located near Dubai’s historical district on the Deira Corniche

  • Located on the Deira Corniche, find it here
  • Open 6am – 10pm daily
  • Call: 04 707 1599 or email info@waterfrontmarket.ae


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