Waterfront Market Is Back! 4 Reasons It’s A One-Stop-Shop For ALL Your Essentials


Question: Where in Dubai can I go for heaps of fresh produce, fish, meat, fruits and veg and dry goods all in one place?

Answer: Waterfront Market!

The Waterfront Market is once again 100% open with strict hygiene practices in place, and if you want to save some cash, (which is everyone RN… AMIRITE?!) the selection here is fantastic.

The food is fresh and the prices are competitive, meaning you get brilliant value on your purchases. Plus, there’s a Lulu Hypermarket on-site, so you can do your entire shopping in one fell swoop, followed by a stroll and a bite to eat on the seafront – ideal!

Not *just* for us; Waterfront Market is actually the go-to for hotels and restaurants, meaning it sources the highest quality produce. Here are 4 reasons it should be your go-to for essential shopping.

4. It’s brilliant value for money

If you care about food quality and value, this will be right up your street. At the Waterfront Market, you’ll find everything from fruits and veg to fish and meat and dry goods, with a separate market devoted to each, all selling local, regional and imported produce. And if saving cash is top of mind, the market is famously good value, without skimping on quality or selection.

3. You’ll find everything under one roof

Think big! This is a market which serves Dubai’s F&B industry with top quality produce featuring 465 tons of imported and local food items, including 250 tons of fish, 200 tons of fruits, vegetables, and dates, and 15 tons of meat, which pass through its doors daily. Incredible!

And surrounding the 700-metre waterfront promenade you’ll easily find Lulu hypermarket too… meaning it’s the ultimate go-to in Dubai for essential shopping, all under one roof.

2. Make a day of it

COVID-19 has brought us back to basics, where stocking up on good quality produce and breaking out our cheffing hats in the kitchen actually sounds like the ultimate treat.

So, enjoy a morning browsing through the incredible selection, and follow it up with a coffee, lunch or dinner in any of the waterfront promenade restaurants once you’re done – dreamy! There are also numerous stalls to browse, making it the perfect spot for a day out.

1. The quality of the produce will keep you coming back for more

Watch the fish market come alive at night, this is when you’ll find restaurants vying for the best daily catches. The Waterfront Market is actually the region’s largest fish market with over 350 types of fish from regions all over the world.

The meat market has a vast range featuring all halal meat with a choice of lamb, beef, chicken, goat and camel. A go-to for restos in Dubai, this means you’ll find the highest quality of meat available locally.

And not forgetting the dry goods markets, where you’ll find everything from confectionary, nuts, rice, spices, pulses, cheese, grain and other dry goods.  Sold in a traditional style, think rich scents, bright colours and a whole mix of textures.

Find the Waterfront Market near Dubai’s historical district, on the Deira Corniche

Maps link here

The important bits

  • Located on the Deira Corniche, find it here
  • Open 6am – 10pm daily


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