You Can Walk Around Dubai Without Feeling The Summer Heat In This New Structure

You Can Walk Around Dubai Without Feeling The Summer Heat In This New Structure

As much as running on a treadmill in an air-conditioned gym is great, nothing will beat a jog outdoors. But when the temperature rises in Dubai, it’s almost unbearable to just step foot outside, let alone go for a run.

What if there was a project that could eliminate that? A structure that could allow you to run outdoors without feeling the scorching summer heat. Give it a few years and that project may be turned into reality.

Dubai is getting a 93km climate-controlled “highway” that’ll help runners and cyclists do what they love

The Loop is going to be the smartest cycling & running path in the world

It will provide a comfortable climate-controlled environment to make walking & cycling the primary mode of transport for Dubai residents!

The Loop will be home to multiple wellness areas, hotels, as well as fitness stations and sports courts.

Whilst extremely ambitious, the project is still in the research and development stage. Basically, it hasn’t been approved yet but if it gets the green light, it would be part of the city’s master plan to reduce car dependency.

The project is in line with Dubai’s new 20-minute city initiative

THE LOOP will reduce car dependency by enabling residents to walk or cycle to popular destinations within a few minutes from home.

The project is designed by URB, a global leader in developing sustainable cities.

Click here to learn more about Dubai’s vision to become the 20-minute city

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