You Could Soon Travel By Ship From UAE To India!

You Could Soon Travel By Ship From UAE To India!

Get ready for an exciting voyage! Soon, a passenger ship service between the UAE and Kerala will be a reality, promising Indian expats a fun and budget-friendly way to travel.

A UAE-Kerala passenger ship service may become a reality in 2023, providing Indian expats with a convenient and affordable travel option!

And you’re probably asking yourself… how long will the trip take?

The UAE-India passenger ship voyage spans three days and accommodates up to 1,250 passengers, each with a luggage allowance of 200kg. During the journey, travelers can savor diverse dining choices and partake in onboard entertainment options.

Also… how much would the ticket cost?

In terms of ticket prices, the passenger ship service offers a significantly more budget-friendly alternative compared to flight tickets. Fares for the journey will vary between Dh442 (Rs10,000) and Dh663 (Rs15,000), depending on the travel period, with peak times falling towards the higher end of this price range.

The ship’s current itinerary includes two exciting destinations: Kochi and Beypore. Kochi, a bustling city in Kerala and one of India’s largest ports, and Beypore, a coastal gem situated in Kozhikode on India’s southwestern shoreline.

That’s not all… there soon will be a line connecting the GCC to Europe and India!

According to the G20 agreement, the Gulf railway network may extend its reach beyond the GCC countries, potentially linking up with European cities such as London and Paris, paving the way for a transformative era of international rail connectivity.

The Gulf Railway is another proposed 2,117km railway system connecting all six GCC countries, BUT construction hasn’t begun yet.

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