An Emirati Creator Talks About ‘Zionists’ Organ Harvesting Palestinian Bodies

Anika Eliz Baby

75 years of disrespect, dead or alive.

Majed Alameri is an Emirati creator whose most recent video sheds light on the horrifying practice of organ harvesting that is being carried out on Palestinian dead bodies by the Israeli army 

“They don’t even respect the dead,” he said, amongst many other hard-hitting truths.


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A recent statement by the Gaza Government Media Office stated that 80 Palestinian bodies were returned mutilated with organs stolen

On September 27 the Gaza Government Media Office reported that the Israeli army violated the corpses of 80 Palestinians, delivering them mutilated with stolen organs. 

The Israeli army also refused to disclose the names and the locations from which the bodies were taken in Gaza.

The Health Ministry says the death toll in Gaza has risen to 21,320 since the start of the Oct 7 aggression

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