The Top 10 Extreme Stunts XDubai Have Done So Far


XDubai, a hub for extreme sports in Dubai, only launched in 2014. Since then it has thrilled us with Jet man and the Zipline to name but two. The group, of which Sheikh Hamdan is personally involved, are bringing a degree of fun and stunts that we haven’t seen before. Here is a look back at the best so far. More of the same, please. 

It’s our take on living an active lifestyle in Dubai. In a city that prides itself in doing more than expected, its sporting culture shouldn’t be any different. By drawing the energy of the world by collaborating with local and international sporting brands, we aim to make Dubai, the adrenaline capital of the world.

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10. XDubai Yoga

9. XDubai Zipline

8. Flyboarding

7. Wingsuits

6. Skatepark & Stunts

5. Dubai Spartan Race

4. Burj Khalifa Base Jump

3. Ken Block – GymkhanaEIGHT

2. Dubai Dream Jump

1. Emirates #HelloJetMan


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