6 Cardinal Tips From Mona Kattan That All Perfume Connoisseurs Will Appreciate


Everyone has that one scent they’re known for, that’ sone of the things that make perfumes more than just a spray to have us smelling good. As Mona Kattan, founder of Kayali fragrances says, it’s a bookmark to a moment in time. And if you’re a perfume lover, you’ll almost always recall a memory based on the scent of a fragrance- it all differs and it’s quite mystical.

Kayali, meaning ‘my imagination’ in Arabic, is Mona Kattan’s layer-able, niche fragrance released recently but it is everything that Mona (and a lot of other perfume connoisseurs in the region) would go for.

Layering is a huuuuge thing in the Middle East, and Mona’s first batch of fragrances are perfect for the concept.

Mona has shared the vital tools all perfume wearers should know

Rule #1 Spray on all your pulse points

Anywhere there’s a heartbeat, spray it on AND do not rub.

Rubbing your wrists, as much as it has been revered as ‘best practice’, won’t make the perfume stick to your skin longer.

However, spritzing 1-2 times on your wrists, elbows, the base of the throat, below your earlobes- since your body’s heat will intensify the fragrance.


Rule # 2 Store your fragrances the right way

Keep them away from the sun and somewhere around 21 degrees to keep them from getting ruined.

Key tip: A fridge not at a freezing temp can make them last a lot longer!


Rule #3 Know your notes so you can layer your scents better

Experimentation is key.

Mona says it’s also best to keep a stronger scent as your base, for an example: an oud scent then layer the lighter notes on top. This also helps keep the perfume last longer.

Rule #4 Spray your perfume into your hairbrush

…it makes the perfume last even longer throughout the day!



Rule #5 Use your fragrance to shift your mood

Different scents can improve or enhance whatever mood you’re in.

Rose-scented oil perfume layered with a vanilla base for a loving, calm mood? Yes.


Rule #6 Gift a perfume to a friend

…Cus you’ll be adding a bookmark to a time in their lives.

No better gift than one filled with nostalgia and memories.


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