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Could Spirito have the best Friday evening brunch in Dubai?

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When we think of the perfect brunch there's 10 things we want:

1. It to be in the evening, day brunches are a race against time that leave you spending a load of money elsewhere in the evening

2. That evening to be a Thursday or Friday, to avoid the work/hangover mix

3. It to be reasonably priced...which means under AED 300

4. It to be on Entertainer – so you can get it half price with your mate (the brunch has since been taken off Entertainer)

5. The food to be beyond delicious

6. The delicious food to be served to your table – no bruncher has time to waste walking to a buffet

7. The beverages to be free-flowing and potent

8. Fun entertainment (by which we mean: not cheesy)

9. Friendly and helpful staff (by which we mean: they're quick with the drinks)

10. The option of drinks at the bar as well as table service.

If you agree with the above list, then sign up for the next Favela Chic Friday brunch at Spirito in Media One, Media City and like us...you'll never look back. It ticks every one of the above 'brunch commandments...and then some. If you have a birthday party to organise or another big group event...choose Friday 8pm until midnight at Spirito (there's usually happy hour drinks for AED 25 after that). Drinks packages start at AED 295, and yep, it's on Entertainer, well the day version is....buy one day brunch get one free (same concept-just earlier in the day). We're so sure that you'll love it, that we're almost tempted not to write this review but to just urge you to get there at the soonest opportunity.

But as writing reviews is a big part of our job, here's a quick one..

Spirito  Interior

As soon as you walk into Spirito, you want to party, FACT. The low-hung chandeliers, the graffiti on the walls and the dimmed lighting means this place oozes cool. The staff are so super-friendly at the reception desk - you know you're guaranteed a good time before you've even made it to your table. Once seated they are quick to get in drinks orders, if all your party members haven't arrived yet, they ask if you'd rather wait at the bar, where the bar staff are as just as eager to please.

Once you and your party are all settled, with the drinks of your choice laid out in front of you (watch out for the lethal blue shots that will be brought out without even being ordered, oh and the cocktails in fishbowls), you can ask for the food to be brought out. And the food...WOW! Here's what you get (although there is a chance there will be small changes):

Screen  Shot 2015 12 29 At 22 51 37

And the food is truly delicious. If you love meat, seafood, chips...well in fact anything that tastes good. you'll love Spirito. The big surprise is that you don't expect such high quality food at what is a very reasonably priced evening brunch. You can choose your mains from the menu above or if you're with a big party the staff can bring you a variety for you all to share. If your are going to pick your main, may we advise the lamb or the shrimp...total perfection! Oh and be sure to say it's someone's birthday, the cake they have on hand is one of the most amazing desserts we've ever tried. Here's what you can expect some of your food to look like...

Spirito  Pan  Fried  Garlic  Smoken  Chili  Prawns 1
Spirito  Ceviche Of  Shrimp And  Alcatra  Com  Salsa De  Manga  Marinated  Rump  Steak With  Mango  Salsa 2
Spirito  Sds 005
Spirito  Vatapa  De  Camarao  Cajun  Shrimp Cashew Nuts And Coconut Stew

Stuffed on food and pretty happy after the various cocktails and shots being thrust your way and another little surprise comes along. The Brazilian carnival style dancing girls. And there's nothing they like more than audience participation. Yeah yeah, you think that's not your thing, but after two hours of 'helpful' staff bringing drinks to your table...you'll be well up for it. It's 100% fun and makes for great Instagram pictures too, I can prove it...

Overall, we don't have a bad word to say about Spirito...great food, excellent drink options, fun entertainment and great value. Make it your next stop on a Friday.

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