5 Easy Ways To Dress More Sustainably In Dubai


Sustainability is no longer a trend but a lifestyle and in 2020, we’re going all out with ensuring that the needs of the future generation are met. If you’re a lover of fashion, styling yourself and really taking your jeans and halter top or suit look to another level; there’s no reason to ever have to purchase a new outfit for a new event, every single time.

It’s super easy to stay sustainable AND fashionable in Dubai if you really want to but to understand why you should opt for this type of lifestyle instead of encouraging fast fashion, we have to lay out the facts.

Why you should dress sustainably…

Clothes are made using natural energy, meaning freshwater is being used in the process of developing that AED10 dirham tee you got on sale, while the wildlife in many parts of the world is facing a shortage of water.

Not to mention how vital water is to humans, and reducing its availability for something like clothing; which we have so many of, and if you think about it, don’t really need a surplus amount of to survive- can increase the price of the water we drink or use in our day-to-day lives.

Oh and shopping more ethically; means supporting fair trade and going against a potential child or sweatshop labour that goes into the mass production of the clothes you purchase from fast-fashion retailers, to name a few.

1. Don’t throw away what you have. just sit and pick out what you’ve been using and find ways to repurpose or upcycle

This is when having a capsule wardrobe or collection will come in handy. Think Marie Kondo, with the decluttering; except you’re keeping items that are of neutral tones and keep items you’ll be able to continue using, items you’ll be able to mix and match with other items. Basically the ones that transcend trends.

2. Donate the items of clothing you no longer need or have use in the last few months

One man’s trash is another man’s gold, or however that quote goes.

3. When shopping, always remember; quality over quantity

The key is that you should be able to reuse these clothes over and over again; not have them look cute for a day only to snap in the next hour. Same goes for buying trendy pieces that will only last a season.

4. Shop at thrift stores

Like shopRETOLD in Dubai, that takes Dubai residents’ pre-loved items; including designer handbags, shoes and clothing for much less. Oh, and you can sell or donate your items too.

More info here.


5. Have a swap party with friends

You can never go wrong with a little party.


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