There Is ACTUALLY A Brunch In Dubai That’s Affordable and Family Friendly!


Think you’ve had enough of boozy, over-priced brunches? If your answer is yes, we’ve got something that will ensure your Friday afternoons are taken care of.

Dubai Polo Club has launched its Notorious Friday Brunch and it is slowly and steadily becoming the place to go to.

Running until November, the weekly affair, from 2pm to 5.30pm, involves more than just food. There’s live music, comedy shows and activities for the little ones. Now you’re probably thinking with so much on offer, there’s a hefty price you have to pay. Not really! There’s an entry fee of just AED 25 and then you pay as you order. By the way, children aged ten and under enter for free.

The trucks include:

Kono Pizza

They’re famous for their pizza dough cones which can be filled with anything from pollo tandoori to pepperoni or Margherita.

3 L2 A9681

Toasted Food Truck

Enjoy grilled gooey cheese sandwiches with sides of hotdogs or custom fries.

Shawarma Station

The Middle Eastern favourite gets served multiple ways. Other than platters of the meat, expect shawarma burgers.

Img 5980


Think global cuisines – you get Korean chicken pao alongside Vietnamese salad and quinoa falafel wrap.


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