This Cafe Probably Has The Best Breakfast In Business Bay


If you are half as lazy as we are then you probably understand why it’s important to have a go-to breakfast place. A place that saves you the trip to your fridge, stove and sink.

But finding one isn’t always easy. At times, commercial kitchens fail to serve up stuff that is good for you. Thankfully Café Vienna is different.

Here’s why this gem on the ground floor of Aspect Tower in Business Bay left us satisfied: 

The breakfast menu is pretty straightforward 

Plus it’s served all day. Think eggs, pancakes and waffles. The regular menu includes pasta, homemade burgers and crispy oven baked pizzas.

If anybody out there already knows their eggs are fantastic, why didn’t they tell us?

The Florentine is the best way to start your day. Each ingredient – the mushrooms, spinach and avocado – has its distinct taste yet works in harmony with the poached free-range eggs to create a hearty gluten-free dish. Beware: there’s that much goodness your mouth can handle. 

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Your understanding of pancakes might change after these one 

We’ve all had buttermilk pancakes, but the ones here are fluffy cushions served with blueberries, strawberries and maple syrup. 

But it’s the signature savoury pancakes that we’d like to discuss…

Made with Cannellini beans, these pancakes are round and flat like the regular ones. They are topped with chopped fresh coriander and have pieces of tomato in the batter. You could love it or hate it but if you’re bending towards the latter, you’d be happy knowing they’re as healthy as healthy can be – gluten-free and high in fibre. You can have it with the mild hummus or fierce salsa – both are homemade. 

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You’ll stop feeling guilty about eating dessert

Let’s explain why. We were served a platter of ‘healthy’ desserts. Chef Joppu and his team ditch refined sugar for substitutes like honey and molasses to give these after-meal treats their sweetness.

On the platter we got no flour brownies which tasted a lot like fudge and were just as sweet. The protein and energy bar were both made with quinoa but the latter was enveloped in dark chocolate. It got our thumbs up – what’s not to love about something that has the perfect balance of crunch and crumble? The cookies made with coconut flour and no butter weren’t on the top of our list but would make any Paleo diet follower happy. The banana almond cake, quite like banana bread, was incredibly moist.

Img 1643

The juices are nutrition in a glass

Think the goodness of five (or even eight) veggies – celery, fennel, broccoli, beetroot and carrot – in one glass. This definitely counts towards your ‘five a day’. 

They also have:

  • Hot beverages 
  • Smoothies
  • Iced tea
Screen Shot 2016 12 09 At 18 12 16
Screen Shot 2016 12 09 At 18 12 46

You don’t have to pick stuff of the menu… 

They have a counter where you can play chef and have salads and sandwiches created just the way you like them. 

Img 1625

You can even buy packaged snacks…

This homegrown brand retails products such as pasta, chips, nuts and various beverages.

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Img 1632
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If you want to visit them…

Head to Aspect Tower, Business Bay.

If not…

They’ll bring the food to you via Deliveroo

For more information…

Call 04 554 8082. Open 7am to midnight.

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