6 Reasons Why Bateel Is The Best Arabian Food Export There Has Been!


Over the past 25 years Café Bateel has grown its presence in 14 countries around the world. When I moved to Dubai over four years ago it was the first place I had eaten at. I had a Mediterranean salad and American with a date on the side. I remember thinking this is high quality produce that one would expect in an international city with a nod to local tradition. It became one of my favorites over the years. This week Bateel turns 25 with a new summer menu and a lot of the old tricks too. Here are six reasons why it’s the best food export from the region.

1. Its dates

There is a town called Al Ghat, in Central Arabia, where 25 years ago the first dates for a new café called Bateel were sourced. The dates were originally paired with gourmet chocolate, then infused with other foods and paired with drinks. Dates are one of the most traditional food items that come from the Gulf and no brand is more associated with dates than Bateel. 

2. The bakery

The Bateel bakery offers a tempting selection of breads, artisanal cakes and Viennoiseries, inspired by traditional French recipes. They have date bread, similar to traditional raisin bread, is made with dates and pecans. Some handy info: pecans are high in healthy unsaturated fat. 

3. The chicken fusilli

Many people’s ‘go-to’ dish on the menu. One thing I learnt: if you are dining as two, you can comfortably share a Caesar salad and a chicken fusilli. The best part: they will bring it to you as two small dishes each. Perfect. 

4. The new summer menu

Bateel always has a seasonal menu option available along with their regulars. This summer is no different. 

Smoke Salmon Bagels Dsc 9281

Smoke Salmon Bagels

Kaleand Avocado

Kaleand Avocado

Chocolate Eclair

Chocolate Eclair

Chicken Breast Saffran Rice 1

Chicken Breast Saffran Rice

Burrata Rigati

Burrata Rigati

5. Its history

Bateel turns 25 years old this year. 


Our Farms, Our Promise

6. And its chocolate hazelnut spread

It’s a new addition but seriously tasty and high quality, just like the rest of the stuff you get at Bateel.

When CNN visited Bateel recently…


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