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I was recently asked to check out the Hilton Garden Inn, a reasonably new hotel that opened only in December 2015. I have to admit, I’d never heard of it, even though I live only a few minutes drive away from it MOE location – even Google Maps denied all existence of it!

However, despite its efforts to hide, find it I did – and pretty easily considering my terrible sense of direction: I could get lost in the shower. First impressions suggested this was just a business hotel; it’s not fussy with the glitz and glamour that’s commonplace in many of Dubai’s less humble lodgings. But it’s much more than this. Here are just some of the reasons why you or your visiting loved ones should consider it…

1. Great location

As the name suggests you’ll be right next to the famous Mall Of The Emirates. A shopping mall that laughs in the bland face of conventional. Here you can ski or maybe cuddle some penguins at Ski Dubai, bowl, catch a film or just plain old shop til you drop. Ok, so you are on a backstreet without a balcony or sea view, but you are also only a few minutes drive from Umm Suqeim beach, the iconic 7 star Burj Al Arab and The Madinat. Downtown Dubai is only 10 minutes away on the Metro and it’s a perfect place to rest your weary limbs if, like me, you were running the Dubai Marathon just up the road. Well, OK, 10k, I ran 10k!

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So I played with a penguin today #WishYouWereMe

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2. Super friendly staff

I started to think the staff were all too aware that I was there for the purpose of a review, as everyone was so amazingly friendly. Everyone from the cleaners to the chefs and the reception staff will all greet you with a smile and make you feel special during your stay. If they don’t, just tell them you are doing a review! But seriously, full marks for all the staff, they are faultless.

3. Top grub and breakfast that’s worth setting the alarm for

The breakfast buffet is impressive. On top of what you would usually expect from a hotel breakfast they have a live omelette cooking station and, my personal favourite, a DIY waffle maker. Complete with every topping you could wish for, savoury or sweet. So pile ‘em high, enjoy, go back for seconds and eat enough so you don’t have to eat again all day – I won’t judge.

I also tried out the Garden Grille for dinner and can highly recommend their juicy and cheesy burger, the soft and scrummy gnocchi bolognese, the mouthwatering T-bone steak and the buttery and delicious grilled chicken with polenta. Again…please don’t judge.

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4. Shiny, new and well equipped

There is still that lovely “box fresh” smell in the air at the Hilton, it felt like I was the first person through the door. The room was spotless and you could have eaten your dinner off the bathroom floor, if that’s what floats your boat. There is also something amazing about a brand new mattress on a huge hunk of a bed with crisp fresh sheets that you just can’t beat. There’s a 42-inch flat screen HD TV in every room, a nice large desk, complimentary Wi-Fi, an iron with ironing board, hairdryer and one of those brilliant coffee pod machines too!

Suite 01

5. The garden theme

Throughout the hotel you are subtly reminded of this particular Hilton’s theme, and this gives the whole place a fresh and natural feel. There are plenty of arty macro photographs of flowers as well as hanging baskets and floral murals breaking up the monotony of the rather straight lines of the hotels interior. All well thought out little touches.


6. Run AND watch films!

Even though the gym is relatively small, it has everything you need: free weights, cardio machines, mirrors to admire yourself in. But best of all, the cardio equipment all has interactive screens to personalise your workout. I had a nice little jog whilst watching Ghostbusters 2: “Don’t cross the streams!”. There is also an outdoor temperature controlled pool to splash around in and the sun pops round during the afternoon so you can top up your tan.


7. Free cakes!

Last, but by no means least, the ultimate reason to stay here. Now, I’m not sure if this is because I booked a suite, but there was a lovely little selection of cakes awaiting me in the room upon arrival. That’s right cake lovers: free cakes! 

Take my advice and book a suite; you can’t leave anything to chance here!

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The details:

Room rates start at around AED 500.

You can check availability and rates here 

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