This Luxury Affair Ups Dubai’s Brunch Game


Upping Your Designer Game 

As the name would have you believe, the Palazzo Versace is nothing if not luxurious.

In recent years, designer hotels have popped up all over the world. The Palazzo Versace adds Dubai to the list of fashion-forward cities that host them – London, New York and Milan, to name a few.

Fashionistas and dapper gents can up their game from branded bags and clothes to the very cushions they place their well-clothed bottoms upon.

The hotel, featuring interiors and furniture designed by Donatella herself, makes the recently-resumed brunch at Giardino a fancy affair.

Four Reasons You Need To Visit:

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1. The Setting 

As you enter the hotel, you’re instantly greeted by a huge, but intricate, mosaic Versace Medusa head. Stunning fashion illustrations are dotted along the walls and bold fabrics cover the furniture. In true Versace style, subtlety isn’t a consideration.

Giardino continues the fabulously chic vibe with a jungle-inspired theme. A vibrant green jungle inspired print adorns the walls and the restaurant is open and airy with a stunning view of the pool and terrace. It’s a stunning venue to relax and dine in after a long week at work.

Giardino Indoor Sofa

2. The Food

Giardino’s brunch offers international cuisine, all beautifully presented, so make sure you go hungry. There is Chinese, Indian, and traditional favourites like oysters, sushi, sashimi, and foie gras to name a few. The range of food is so diverse that even the pickiest of eaters will be catered to. We started with the salads but the star of the show was the lobster tail, butter sauce and potatoes. The seafood was delicious and there was an amazing Sushi selection as well. We moved on to the delicious curries and the naans were made fresh to order, which was a nice touch.

The dessert selection was one of the widest we’ve seen thus far and did not disappoint. Each item was stunningly created, and tasted delicious. Giardino’s brunch buffet was also the first time we stuffed our faces but didn’t regret it straight after – It must be the Versace touch!

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3. The Included Perks 

If you’re still not sure, the brunch also includes access to the pool and terrace, so pack your swimwear! It’s the perfect way to spend the weekend, as the weather gets better and is heaven for the Instagrammers and Snappers.

There are shisha options available at an extra charge in the upper deck gazebo and cabanas outside Giardino, and guests can avail 50% off on drinks at the trendy La Vita bar, located right next door. 

4. To Say You Did It

There’s substance to the appearance though. Giardino’s brunch is one of the best we’ve had in Dubai. How often do you have the chance to eat off Versace chinaware? Casual.

Dubai is no stranger to luxury, but this is no normal 5* – It’s a designer 5* and you’re surrounded with exuberance during Giardino’s brunch. We’re talking signature Versace branding down to the plates. 

Aaaand extend that pinky finger.

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What You need To Know

The International Friday Brunch ranges from AED 350 to AED 650, depending on beverage choices, and will be held every Friday from 1-4pm.


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