Is 13 Minutes The Fastest Ever Food Delivery In Dubai?


On Friday night (or early Saturday morning to be exact), after a few hours dancing away in Stereo Arcade, we arrived home absolutely ravenous, as per the norm. After much discussion (Sheikh Shake vs German Donner), we opted for the former to fill our belly’s and provide a bit of post-night-out soakage.

Credit where credit is due – 13 minutes from phone to food

According to my phone records, we ordered at 02.22am and at exactly 02.35 am, we heard a knock at the door. Ok, regardless of the fact that they are only a 4 minute walk away from our building, 13 minutes from phone to food is quite possibly the fastest delivery known to mankind and must set some sort of record.

Usually, we’re at risk of falling asleep on the sofa before our food even arrives so this is no mean feat by any standards.

One of the best early morning feeds I’ve had and it only cost me AED 38

I ordered the Spicy Sheikh Meal which came with french fries and a drink. Now, perhaps it was due to the late/early hour but it was one of the best creations I have ever tasted and I finished every last bite.

I also credit this epic feed with the fact that I was bright as a bee later on Sunday morning.

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