These Are The Reasons Why You Need To Visit This Peruvian Gem On The 31st Floor Of The Sofitel Downtown


Ask anyone what their favourite type of food is and Italian, Chinese, Vietnamese, Lebanese or maybe Thai would be the standard response.

Peruvian food, on the other hand, rarely makes the cut. Probably because there still aren’t enough Peruvian food spots to go around, so to most it’s still just an exotic and foreign cuisine. But with the likes of Inka, Coya, Mayta and Ceviche; all Peruvian restaurants carving their name into Dubai’s top restaurants lists, we reckon this won’t last.

Visit Inka at the Sofitel DT for a night of fine dining Peruvian food, some almighty cocktails (for fans of the old fashioned, this one is up there with the greats), waiters with old-school class and a slick bar that’s ideal for Friday night or after-work drinks. 

Here’s everything you need to know:

It’s got a slick layout on the 31st floor of the Sofitel, Downtown

The venue is split in two; the bar where you’ll find long velvet sofas perfect for groups or really beautiful window seats that overlook the Burj, and the restaurant which is more formal. Contemporary art covers one wall of the dining room, a fully stocked classic bar sits at one end, while the rest is floor to ceiling glass windows with incredible city lights views. It was a little quiet when we visited for a Friday night, but it’s a late crowd, a perfect date spot or to meet a group for dinner and drinks.

If you’re new to a Peruvian menu, the lengthy mains might peruuveee (gettit?!) daunting 

But our waiter was amazing, he knew the menu inside-out and was on hand to offer some great recommendations.

You can’t visit Inka and not try the ceviche

(A popular Latin American raw fish dish). With four different ceviche options available, we went (nearly) all out and tried two; the ceviche classico and the ceviche mixto, both super fresh, and very flavoursome. We also tried the duck and scallops (which was fantastic, even though I only managed about one bite before my guest had scoffed the entire thing) and the tuna tataki.

Ceviche Clasico with seabass, avocado, giant corn and original tigers milk

Tuna tataki with truffle ponzu sauce, black sesame seeds and dried seaweed

Seared duck and scallops

Little known fact: Peruvian food is fusion food

Due to a long multicultural history, Peruvian food is a great example of fusion cuisine. And Japanese is a common mix, which means ALL of the sushi if you visit Inka.

It’s new to the restaurant menu and a must try if you visit. I sometimes think we’re spoilt for choice with sushi in Dubai, at brunch we’re faced with mounds of all-you-can-eat. But the sushi here is really top quality stuff. We tried the crab maki nero with crab meat, avocado, octopus and chimichurri.

The grilled prime rib-eye steak was cooked to perfection and served with sweet potato fries, rocoto aioli and chimichurri

Pictured: the Wagyu beef tenderloin

The black cod was served like the old fashioned (more on that next)

Served with an aderezo pesto (that’s a pesto to you and me) the cod was succulent and I loved the added smokey flavour.

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The ‘best old fashioned in Dubai’ (and my guest would know)

Presented on a large wooden plate and surrounded by a smoke filled fish-bowl sized glass which the waiter released before us. Not just a gimmick to look cool on our Snapchat account (shameless plug: follow us @lovin_dubai) the smokey flavour lasted the entire drink, adding a whole new meaning to the term ‘old fashioned’. 

For chocolates lovers, this is the dessert you dream about

This dessert is innovative, (served with a toasted quinoa ice-cream) creative (it looked amazing) but, most important of all, it tasted absolutely incredible. It’s a chocolate volcano, (the chocolate literally flowed) surrounded by teeny-tiny  raspberry jelly squares and organic Peruvian ‘volcano’ cacao rocks. It’s a serious contender for best chocolate dessert in Dubai.

20160923 221131

What’s the damage?

This doesn’t have to break the bank if you don’t want it too.

Salads and hot starters start at AED 50

Plates of sushi start at AED 77

Mains start at AED 105

Desserts start at AED  49

For reservations and more information call 04 3469295


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