5 Reasons Why The ‘Secret Garden’ Brunch Hits The Nail On The Head


When you hear the name “Waldorf Astoria” you can’t help but get a little bit excited. And by a little bit, we mean extremely excited. Add in the word ‘brunch” and you’re on to a winner. Needless to say, it lived up to the hype. Here’s why you need to make this brunch a priority for your winter calendar.

1. “Food and the Waldorf Astoria go hand in hand” Enough said.

A brand stooped in history and the home of the Waldorf salad, Thousand Island dressing and my favourite thing in the world, Eggs Benedict. Dubai’s contribution to this famous hotel chain has been set a pretty high benchmark, food and the Waldorf Astoria go hand in hand. The good news to you is that it doesn’t disappoint, quite the opposite in fact. 

Located on the east crescent of The Palm Jumeirah, the hotel itself isn’t too shabby either.

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2. “The Waldorf have juggled the balance of quality and quantity perfectly”.

Let’s be honest, a dip in quality is to be expected when food is mass produced. Sometimes I think Dubai hotels bite off a bit more brunch than they can chew, the result being a tummy boggling amount of food coupled with a distinct lack of flavour. Sound familiar? 

The Waldorf have juggled the balance of quality and quantity perfectly. The food is being constantly cooked in front of you by expert chefs using the freshest organic ingredients. There is a large enough selection to please the heartiest of eaters without sacrificing your craving for full flavoured food. The atmosphere is right too, good live music, not too loud and not too quiet. There is also a children’s area complete with entertainer as well. Plenty of ticks.

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3. The Secret Garden theme for this brunch, but for once it’s one that directly enhances the flavour of your food rather than a throw-away gimmick

 After we were given a tour of the food stations on offer, we were then lead out into the grounds of the Waldorf to their ‘Secret Garden’. Here they grow their own organic produce including fruit, vegetables and herbs, all of which are integrated into your brunch. 

The theme is reflected throughout the restaurant with imitation grass walkways, potted plants and piles of bark. It’s a nice thought, but without a dedicated venue it has a distinctive ‘temporary’ feel.  A touch we really liked though was being presented with our own potted tomato plant to take home at the end of our brunch. I can also report that ‘Tommie’ even made it home with us, via a few bars….

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4. Amazing Food – With fresh organically grown local produce they got off to a great start.

Add attention to detail, beautiful presentation, great service, product knowledge and expert chefs, it’s a hit.

I stand by my comment on the YouTube video when I say this was the best brunch food I have tried to date, despite being a few grapes in at the time. Everything I tried was spot on.  If you go, and you should, don’t miss these particular treats: Tandoori Prawn, Braised Beef, Rack of Lamb, Liver Pate Parfait, Cheese with Honey and Truffle sauce, Churros, fill your own Donuts and the triple cooked chips with truffle butter.

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5. You won’t break the bank.

And finally, the best news of the day. Considering the quality of the food at the Secret Garden Brunch, I was very impressed at the low cost. I’d be very surprised if the price stays this reasonable and would suggest you make the most of it while you still can!

Non Alcohol – AED345

House beverages – AED425

Bubbly – AED 600

Laurent Perrier Brut – AED725


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