This Lebanese Venue On The Palm Is Hands Down The Best Cultural Night Out In Dubai


people are unanimous in agreement that Beirut has the best night life in
the world with its famous nightclubs, many of which have been brought over
to Dubai such as White and Iris. MusicHall in Jumeirah Zabeel Saray is another Lebanese-import that’s on point.

While MusicHall Beirut has been around since 2003 (and they opened an outdoor one called MusicHall WaterFront in the summer of 2013), MusicHall in Dubai only opened in January 2013. But like its counterparts, it follows the same format: live
performances as entertainment for the entire evening. 

Whether you are a fan of music or the arts, or simply just like
having fun, you won’t be let down at Music Hall. Here are seven things
that make it special.

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1. History of the arts

The founder of MusicHall is Michel Elefteriades. He is Greek-Lebanese who speaks six languages and has a fine arts and design background. Michel is also the author and composer for more than 120 different Arabic musicians. These cultural and artistic elements are evident throughout the MusicHall experience.

2. It’s more a theatre than a nightclub…

This is evident in its red velvet curtains, gold plated balconies and live shows. There are enclaves as tables and set dinner tables near the front of the stage. The evening starts off with slow tempo music but warms up to full flow by the end. 

3. You will see everything from traditional Arabic music.. 

4. To some classic songs

5. To more contemporary performances

6. You will be look after very well…

Lebanese night spots wouldn’t have such a high reputation if they didn’t know how to look after their guests. The service here, like all MusicHall’s contemporaries, is nothing short of exceptional. 

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7. The entry is free, but there is a minimum spend policy

There is an AED 450 minimum spend per person, excluding food. Doors open at 9pm and the first show starts at 10pm. The venue is open until 3am. It’s located at Zabeel Saray on the Palm, so keep in mind the travel time required to get to the far end of The Palm.

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