This 21-Year-Old From The UAE Tells The Indian Minister For Road Transport How It Should Be Done


While most 21-year-olds are having fun, this one is on a slightly different route. 

UAE-based Rohit Iyengar met the Indian Minister for Road Transport and Highways and Shipping, Nitin Gadkari, at an event in the city last week and showed him a four-minute video.

Produced by Iyengar, it offers suggestions to fix India’s roads and traffic issues – something the young man wants to address after he stayed there for four months and had a bad experience. For those who haven’t been to India before, driving in most parts of the country can be pretty challenging. Drivers are quite rough in their approach to beating traffic and every minute on the road is…let’s just say unpredictable. 

Being an Indian he thought it was best to come up with solutions rather than just complain about the issue. Clearly it seems to have worked as the minister has asked for him to be connected with his personal assistant soon.

We’d love to see how the next meeting goes!

This is what he thinks:

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