A Dubai Inmate Gets To Attend His Daughter’s Wedding


Dubai Police make a wedding wish come true as inmate dad attends daughter’s big day

Dubai Police made a bride’s dream come true by letting her have her inmate father by her side on her wedding day.

The bride had reached out to the General Department of Punitive and Correctional Establishments, sharing her heartfelt wish for her dad to be there.

She stressed the importance of her father’s consent, as he was a prisoner in Dubai, and the significance of his presence at the ceremony.

Brigadier Marwan Jalfar, Director of the General Department of Punitive and Correctional Establishments, confirmed they received the request, assessed the situation, and gave the green light.

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They even launched the ‘Bring Joy to the Inmate’s Daughter’ initiative, ensuring not just the wedding venue but comprehensive support for the bride’s happiness.


Dubai police goes above and beyond: From walk down the aisle to a home sweet home makeover!

The Department went the extra mile, helping set up and deck out her new home to ensure a blissful and cheerful start for the couple, recognizing the positive impact on her father,” he mentioned.

He extended gratitude to Sheikh Ahmed Al-Shihi, an authorized Islamic marriage official (Mazoon), for accepting the request and sent his best wishes to the couple for their future life together.

The bride, her father, and the groom shared their sincere thanks and appreciation with Dubai Police.

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