A Dubai RJ’s Recent Single ‘Banana Banana’ Hits 2 Million Views On YouTube


Indian Dubai-based beatboxer and rapper RJ Vardhaman Chhajed, is making waves in the music scene with his latest single, ‘Banana Banana’! This twenty-something talented artist has come a long way since his move to Dubai, starting from scratch and working hard to make a name for himself in the competitive rapping world.

His dedication and passion for music have paid off, as his recent video hit 2 million views on YouTube, showing just how popular and well-received his unique rapping style has become. RJ Vardhaman’s music is upbeat and quirky, reflecting his positive and infectious personality.

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His latest single, ‘Banana Banana,’ is a perfect example of his creativity and musical ability. The catchy beat and lyrics have captured the attention of several music lovers, and the video’s success on YouTube is a testament to RJ Vardhaman’s growing popularity!

Watch the video below.

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