A Young Emirati Man Helped Save The Lives Of 100 Men In Ajman


An 18-year-old Emirati was recognised and rewarded for saving the lives of 100 men with his swift actions in Ajman.

The Emirati, Ibrahim Murad Ali, was driving into Ajman from Dubai where he saw a fire begin at a construction company building in AL-Rawdah 3. Immediately Ibrahim called the civil defence and proceeded to run to the building where he broke the doors and windows, woke up the sleeping men, and got them out of the building safely. 

Brigadier General Abdulaziz Al Shamsi stated that everyone inside the building was asleep and had not known that the fire had started, “Instead of waiting, he did a heroic act that anyone in such situation must do.” 

This wasn’t the first civilian to save lives this month

Brigadier Al Shamsi also mentioned that just recently, another incident occurred where a civilian was capable of saving lives by acting quick before the teams arrived at the scene.

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Both men have been rewarded by the authorities for their contribution to society and their brave actions.


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