Celtic Team Are Taking A Questionable Break In Dubai After Losing To Rangers & Fans Are NOT Happy

Celtic dubai

Football fans are just NOT happy right now with the whole Celtic-in-Dubai situation.

The team of Celtic (a Scottish professional football club based in Glasgow, which plays in the Scottish Premiership) are currently here in Dubai on a break from their matches, and fans are fuming at their disregard of the pandemic along with their chill holiday-mode mind frame with 3 pending games in hand.

After losing to Rangers, Celtic headed to Dubai to reboot under the warm weather but the trip took a controversial turn when questionable pics of the Celtics surfaced showing followers that the team is down pool-side chilling and day-drinking their time away instead of getting it together for the next match.

Manager of Celtic, Neil Lennon, claimed that the Dubai trip was no break, but it was a training camp to refresh the players and get them all prepped for the upcoming games

Lennon has come under fire for arranging a full-blown Dubai getaway for the team amid talks of tougher lockdowns looming for Scots until the spring

The issue here? Tier 4 lockdown. Plummeting temperatures in Scotland. Ongoing pandemic. Massive defeats. Yet the unbothered champs are keener on enjoying a holiday under the sun.

Needless to say, fans and the general public are clearly not too impressed

Celtic supporters worldwide are raging that their season ticket money has been spent on this merrymaking trip to the UAE

Sky Sports man Anthony Joseph expressed his disappointment over the soupy Celtic situation as well…

Being 19 points behind, losing the league in January, clicking pints in Dubai… would this tweet come as a surprise to you lol?!

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