Diwali Has Arrived In Dubai! Mankhool And Bur Dubai Dazzle With Festive Decor


It’s none other than Dubai, (a city that EVERY expat looks at as their second home), where Diwali becomes a dazzling celebration of lights, love, and unity.

For those not familiar with the Hindu religious festival, Diwali, aka the Festival of Lights, is like India’s version of Christmas, but with more sparkle. It’s all about good triumphing over evil, lighting up our lives, and bringing families and friends together. Homes get decked out with fancy decorations, prayers take center stage, and the aroma of delicious Indian feasts fill the air.

As we all know, Dubai is a melting pot of cultures, and a home away from home

Hence, the streets light up with colorful decor, flowers, and lamps. In the days leading up to the big day, the city turns into a Diwali wonderland. Streets, shops, and malls get a makeover with vibrant rangoli designs and twinkling diyas, making the whole city pop with colour.


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And our fave Burj Khalifa will flash a ‘Happy Diwali’ display, lighting up the night sky in style on the eve of the festival (Sunday, November 12)

But it’s not just about the bling-bling. Dubai’s bustling markets offer traditional Indian clothes, gorgeous jewelry, and sweet treats, making us feel right at home…

If you ever get a hint of homesickness, don’t worry; Dubai has your back. Diwali here isn’t just for Indians; it’s a massive cultural carnival. People from around the world join in the festivities, proving that this city is all about unity and togetherness. As the diyas glow, it’s a reminder that Diwali isn’t just a festival of lights. It’s a celebration of the light that shines in all of us.

It’s Diwali done Dubai style, where lights, love, and unity shine the brightest.

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