Dubai Emergency Services Needed Just 8 Minutes To Aid A Person Last Night

Anika Eliz Baby

Last night in Dubai was nothing short of a superhero moment as emergency services swooped in and provided aid in just 8 minutes!

At 12:18 am last night the Dubai Police got a call saying someone was not okay and needed help, and by 12:26 am the ambulance was at the location and ready to jump into action

Talk about a lightning-fast response!

It took the Dubai emergency services a total of 8 minutes to get on the case

2 minutes for the Dubai Police to respond to the distress call (12:18 am to 12:20 am) 

1 minute for the ambulance to confirm help was on the way (12:20 am to 12:21 am) 

5 minutes to reach the location! (12:21 am to 12:26 am) 

Kudos to the city for setting the bar sky-high in emergency services

These first responders are the real MVPs, keeping us safe and sound in the blink of an eye!


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