Dubai Bling Is Getting 2 New Cast Members!


Season 3 of the famous Dubai Bling Netflix show is coming and we are not ready for it! Fans noticed a few things, to begin with the first poin. First,Lojain Omran will not be on the show as she mentioned earlier that the show does not align with her values anymore as she confirmed earlier on X.

Point two which is the highlight of the trailer, is that two new faces have been introduced for the new season and if you are wondering who they are, continue reading. There is speculation that Kris Fade and his wife Brianna Fade may not be part of the series, given their absence from the trailer.

Mahira Abdelaziz and Jwana Karim Join Dubai Bling



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The first newcomer is Emirati talent Mahira Abdelaziz who shines in various roles from an award-winning architect and CNBC Arabiya correspondent to TV host, UN collaborator, and acclaimed actress in ‘The Platform’ and ‘The Ambush’.


Kris and Briana were not featured in the trailer keeping fans worried

And, the second star will be Jwana Karim an Iraqi entrepreneur rocking over 4 million followers on Instagram will also be joining.




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Fans are extremely sad as they have expressed that Lojain Omran will be missed on the show… which is true! But, regarding Kris and Brianna, No one knows if Kris and Briana will be on the show but you’ll find out soon.


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