Dubai Public Prosecution Drop Charges Of Attempted Suicide Against An Irish Airhostess

Anika Eliz Baby

The Dubai Public Prosecution has released a statement regarding Tori Towey, an Irish air hostess in Dubai.

Trigger warning: mentions and pictures of abuse and suicide. 

Tori Towey is a 28-year-old air hostess who was involved in a case featuring mutual charges of assault with her husband, a South African national. She later attempted suicide and was detained by Dubai authorities.

Charges were pressed against her for suicide as it is haram in Islam.

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The Dubai Media Office released a statement explaining the case

They statement read as follows:

It explains that Tori was involved in a case featuring mutual charges of assault with her husband. The case has now been withdrawn. It also explains that the Dubai Public prosecution dropped the charges of attempted suicide given the circumstances of the case.

As of today, Wednesday, July 10, the charges have been dropped and Tori is on her way back home to Ireland

The charges were dropped to enable her to return to normal life.

Her lawyer Radha Stirling tweeted that she was now free to return.

If you or anyone you know is facing concerns of Domestic Violence, please reach out to the helpline by the Dubai Foundation for Women and Children on 800111.

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